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Our primary focus is the creation of a “turn-key” solution for digital records based on the organization and archive storage needs.

Because there is no software, servers or complicated processes, our solution can be easily implemented by personnel at any technical level.  With over six years of expertise in small government, business, service organizations and many more, ShoreScan Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide an affordable archive with cost-cutting benefits. ShoreScan Solutions is a premier integration partner for eBridge (archive hosting), Canon USA (desktop scanners) and ColorTrac (wide format scanners).


Simple and Efficient Document Storing

Scan, ePrint or import are fast and easy techniques to creating a digital archive.

Powerful Search Capabilities

• Our search interface is built on simplicity with advanced OCR word search capabilities.

• Seven Indexes support drop-downs to make searching for records simple.

• Date search is based on when the document was loaded.

• Text search will find individual words on records stored as PDF files.

• Our objective is to customize this format to meet the specific search criteria of your organization. Success is built on common logic and simple terms; that’s why our solution works.

Search Results

The results are instant and feature rich:

• Sortable columns

• Lines can be merged to create a single PDF file.

• User notes.

• Audit trail identifies source, viewers and other document activities.



The best way to start a digital archive is to control the process and the destination.

The Process

Another word, if you are not working with a partner who can truly demonstrate as many ways to save money before, during and after the digital archive process… think again. Here’s an example of the process options our customers take advantage of:

ShoreScan and our partnering host establishes your custom digital record archive first. When complete and your staff is trained on the entire process; cost saving options begin to emerge.














Every ShoreScan customer has these options to select from when time and budget permits. Controlling the process of establishing the digital archive is critical to the overall cost.

The Destination
Here’s a synopsis of something going on today with prospective customers.

Based on a Mid-Atlantic State contract there are a number of service providers whom are providing digital record imaging and storage of some kind (disk, software or cloud) to agencies. Without going into significant detail there are some concerns which manifests over time.

Uncontrollable cost as the number
of digital files grow. 

The graph illustrates the cost of paper, legacy technology, scanning to a shared drive, etc… or worse setting up with a service provider whom is billing on the GB per month.

According to a Mid-Atlantic state's approved purchasing agreement for similar services the cost can range from $20.00 to $39.00 per month per GB.

Here’s the shocker:

If one of our customers with over 250,000 pages used the State contract… the conservative estimate would cost over $500.00 per month @ $20.00 per GB. Our Basic Service Level fee is only $95.00 and will remain even as they pass 3 – 4 – 500,000 pages moving forward.

The State contract providers also have a line item which includes a training and set up fee “per install” ranging from $550.00 to $600.00 for a cloud solution. The same client has 10 users and has rotated staffers on occasion, so there maybe additional “installs” in the future from this provider.


Now it’s clear; the only real way to control cost is to select a service provider who will help with controlling the process and the destination.

Contact us today to schedule an informative presentation on how we save our customers time and money every day.


We are with you every step of the way.


Our second meeting

At the next meeting, we will present to you a comprehensive proposal that will include details from our first meeting and a quote for services.  We will also discuss the implementation plan and schedule a formal “kick-off”.  Don’t worry, 90% of the system is set up by your ShoreScan representative well in advance of the initial start-up.

"At first we were a little nervous since this was totally new, but our ShoreScan guy knew just how to make us comfortable and didn't overload my staff.  It was just right and got us on our way."

—Jim Humerick, Chief Administrative Officer,

Town of Thurmont, MD

Our first meeting

Your first meeting with a ShoreScan representative will be educational. We learn about you, your current archive strategy and how things are organized. We talk about your current equipment (scanners) and what challenges you face each day with records. Then, you learn about what we can do based on what you have told us.


"Our experience with ShoreScan was anything but a sales pitch.  Informative, straight forward and a real eye opener. They saved the Borough a lot of money."

—Dwayne M. Harris, RMC, CMR, RPPO, QPA,

Municipal Clerk/Registrar/Qualified Purchasing Agent, Borough of Atlantic Highlands

Ongoing support

Since there is no software, our hosted services are extremely reliable and are accessed from virtually anywhere. If there are any questions, new computers or users, need a scanner or additional system; give us a call or drop a quick email. We operate on regular business hours; however, in today’s information age almost anytime is fine.


"Getting help in a remote area like Cape Charles is a challenge.  However, our experience with ShoreScan has been anything but that.  Prompt, friendly support on the phone, in person or via email has made the decision to use them the right one."

—Libby Hume, CMC, Town of Cape Charles, VA

Implementation day

Starting something new isn’t easy and we get that. So, there’s a plan that maximizes information retention while making the start of the service relatively painless. ShoreScan first configures everything remote, indexes, drop-downs and users… done. On-site we will install all the new scanners, drivers and confirm it all works perfect. Training is done in a light comfortable manner and maybe as a “lunch and learn,” if time permits.

Not long after the initial training and installation, we then schedule a follow-up session to talk more about how to make this service “work for you.”


"After we got started, our rep from ShoreScan came back in and helped us take this to the next level. He checked our work, made suggestions and then showed us how to improve OPRA requests and connect remote users.  We really needed this and they made it happen.  Now our OPRA requests are much more manageable.”

—Donna Frederick, Clerk, Borough of West Wildwood

We also offer scanner sales and rentals.

Six years ago I installed our first scanner.  Today it’s got almost 100,000 scans and still running strong.  We only work with the best. More info  >>>



The problem today is scanning to some folder or email file is a time consuming waste of resources and has no control. Finally there is a solution to this problem.

The WebScan Application is an intuitive solution to a once perceived headache accompanied with the notion of "scanning". Webscan features the seven indexes which are supported by quick fill drop-downs to instantly place the document in the database. When scanning or on-screen PDF Importing through the WebScan is complete the entire batch can be sent to save even more time.


Why you can trust ShoreScan with your documents.


Many services in the “cloud” can offer similar attributes, but leaves you wondering:

• What happens when they go out of business?

• Where are my records?

• Are they local?

• Do they have access to them?

• Are they safe?

• Do you really know and what happens in the event they are “gone”… how do you explain that?

Good questions and a reality.

ShoreScan is 100% transparent in our operations and will provide you with a full data security and compliance statement outlining why this is the best value on the market for digital file archiving.
For example:

• The systems are audited annually for security compliances in major industries such as government,
healthcare and finance.

• Encryption in transit and rest is 256 AES Block.

• Audit trails track the move of every user and activity.

• United States based data centers are company owned, maintained and secured.

• FREE (encrypted) back up CD of the prior month delivered.

• Unlimited user license and no hidden fees.

Now … let’s talk cost.

Can you calculate the total cost of a digital archive if you scanned and stored all the records with a 5+ year retention?   No.

Can you calculate the IT infrastructure (and replacement), software, license fees, back-ups, virus protection, VPN and mobile device compatibility cost for an “in-house” system?  No.

Can you calculate the time and cost of recovery after a total loss or cryptovirus?  No.

Can you calculate the cost of upgrading systems after a major shift in technology, regulation or industry requirements?  No.

Any organization attempting to do this has entered into an arrangement that cannot be “budgeted,” which will continue to grow over time.

ShoreScan is different.

ShoreScan customers control cost daily and have the option to pick and choose services they may need.

It is our responsibility to maintain the system, provide instant access, state of the art protection and compliances with new regulations.

We don’t charge for storage after the upload, user licenses or system upgrades or improvements.

Our monthly fees are less than the typical cell phone and
have not changed in 6 years.

Our goal is to make this modern cost-efficient step as painless as possible by providing you all the information you need to make an informed decision.  We are going to be partners for a very long time, so we need to get it right the first time.


Special Pricing for new ShoreScan Solutions customers with a 2-year service agreement:

  • BOGO (digital archive) discounted $2,000.00 off initial training and set up fee when set up together.
  • FREE Canon DR-225c desktop scanner capable of 25 pages per minute valued at $649.00*
  • Second file cabinet will have a 17% discount on the monthly page upload fee.
  • Flexible Payment Options (terms and conditions apply)

(* Down payment required.)



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