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﷯ShoreScan is a proud sponsor of the Maryland Mayors Association's Conference. Pictured here is Ken Carlsen and some of our client Mayors who attended the meeting. ﷯ShoreScan and Rock Hall partnered to off-site image and reorganize decades of permanent records. ﷯ShoreScan Solutions receives Maryland Municipal League Strategic Partner certificate of appreciation from MML President Perry Jones Jr. and Governor Larry Hogan. ﷯ShoreScan Solutions celebrated our 10th anniversary with a modern, user-friendly and informative new tradeshow floor display. Pictured, Ken and wife Kim. ﷯Town of Cape Charles, VA permit office scanned over 5,000 pages of plans on our rental machine over the years. The WWTP project required access to over 750 pages. After days of toil, ShoreScan created a limited access user profile with UNLIMITED use solving the problem and saving thousands of dollars in time and cost. ﷯ShoreScan Solutions new on-site scanning service is pleased to have contracted with a local police department to help scan over 20 years of records. Details remain confidential, however the ability to access these records and literally clean out a storage room is going to be a tremendous improvement for the Chief and staff. ﷯“With a little help from our friends” 
Getting it Done in the Town of Union Bridge 
ShoreScan Solutions can be hired for a day or on a scheduled basis to help in the scanning or with digital migration. Pictured is Mike Reynolds from Union Bridge who played the key role in the project to scan in all the town’s minutes from 1950 to the present. While it seemed “daunting” when I saw the effort in preparation, the process was virtually flawless and very efficient. As a result, we were able move through almost 9,000 pages of documents in two days. Another fantastic example of the convergence of the right people, process and service to get a project completed. ﷯ShoreScan earns "Strategic Partnership" with the Maryland Municipal League: Pictured - Ken and the Director of the MML Scott Hancock seal the new relationship between ShoreScan and the League. ShoreScan will assist the Research Department moving from decades of paper to searchable digital files hosted by ShoreScan. ﷯Maryland Mayors Association Sponsor: ShoreScan sponsored the 
lunch at the recent MMA in Annapolis. With 5 minutes to speak, Ken demonstrates his monthly fee for a cell phone is more expensive than 
the company monthly service fee. He also spoke on tangible ways to 
save time and money as well. ﷯Almost 6 Feet of Binders Re-purposed and / or Donated to Schools, Charities and Non-profits. Here's physical proof that after about a year of dedication to the process, the Town of Dewey Beach's staff has something fantastic to show everyone. Tax payers can now see the investment in ShoreScan is paying off, helping others and helping the Town toward it's goals of becoming a little more "GREEN". ﷯Clerk/Historian Scott Jett of North Wildwood, New Jersey, is all smiles with his stack of paper from a recent Open Public Record Act (OPRA) request. Why is he happy when this is one of the most frustrating tasks a public employee has to deal with? Let’s go back four years. North Wildwood was all paper with records in several locations (one off-site). OPRA requests, even the small ones, are a headache. Find, organize, copy, produce, and copy again for proof of production is a time-consuming and expensive process. Fast forward, the request here would have taken two days to produce. Scott is one of the most proficient clients using ShoreScan. He produced the entire request with only one paper production because the records were all found on his ShoreScan account inside two hours. He saved over 10 hours of work and 1,500 pages of paper. Scott is one more excellent example of how using ShoreScan makes a difference. “Ken Carlsen was AWESOME!!!; so professional, helpful and extremely knowledgeable of the product!!! He introduced us to the service, set up the hardware, trained us and got us up and running in a couple hours!!” 
—Karen Soltis, Hanover Township, NJ ﷯Rising Sun, Maryland selects ShoreScan, then doubles the service and adds the Wide Format Scanner to the mix. In May of 2019, we started on the administrative side of Town Hall and the process went so well, they added another "file cabinet" for the property files. In with the property files were large plans, so they rented our wide format scanner. Pictured here is Gina (a Med School student) working an internship and using the big scanner. Another proof positive with the right training, ambition and focus; wonderful things happen. ﷯The Town of Dewey Beach, Delaware. In many cases, a small town will prolong the decision to start the process with ShoreScan for a variety of reasons. Budget, time, organization of information, volume, or emergency project are all reasonable reasons. However, when the leadership team is right and the staff is eager to once and for all stop adding to the problem; you have a group like the team in Dewey Beach. Pictured: Ashley and Kate, Town of Dewey Beach staff members. MORE . . . ﷯The City Clerk of the State Capital of New Jersey selects ShoreScan Solutions. ShoreScan Solutions is proud to have the opportunity to be the chosen solution for digital record archiving 
for the City of Trenton, New Jersey. Mr. Harris noted that total 
long-term cost, back-up disks (of the "Cloud") and the support of ShoreScan were the major major factors in the the decision to 
select ShoreScan. Pictured (L-R): Carmen Santos, Dwayne Harris 
and Ken Carlsen. ﷯The City of Trenton now has an approved 
"Public Record Image Processing System" 
with the help of ShoreScan. ﷯City of North Wildwood. Over 75,000 pages imaged in only two years dating back to the 1900s. An example of dedication to the preservation of records and improvement to formerly arduous task of searching during an OPRA request. His focus is on permanent records and contracts; two extremely important series of documents. Pictured (L-R): Jennifer, Ken and Scott with a 
original minute books dated in the early 1900s. 
 ﷯Town of Centreville, MD, saves DAYS on Financial and Energy Audits. According to Ashley Russ in the Finance Department the document production for the audit took about 20 minutes (she never left her desk). The annual energy audit (once days of coping bills) ended by giving access to electric invoices on ShoreScan to auditors. 
 ﷯ShoreScan’s NJ public clients maintain perfect record attaining state registration. For New Jersey public agencies digitizing their paper records, it’s critical they attain “Registered with Migration Path” with the State. Fail and they are forced to retain the paper records as backup or pay to have them copied to microfiche. ShoreScan has a perfect record in guiding their New Jersey public agency clients in achieving this certification with the State of New Jersey for those that choose to do so. If you are seeking a way out of the paper-records trap, with its wasted usable space, offsite storage fees and inefficient manual processes, contact ShoreScan Solutions to understand how leading New Jersey public Agencies are addressing this today. ﷯City of New Carrollton (MD) internship program with ShoreScan results in over 15,000 scans in a month. City Administrative Assistant Areceli Guzmanand and Ken Carlsen worked with two very talented and hardworking college interns to digitize and host over 15,000 pages of permanent records for the agency. The interns were a part of the Prince George’s County Summer Youth Enrichment Program. ShoreScan provided free loaner scanner and training. Great job by all and, better yet, is the experience these young people gained for the future. ﷯Town Clerk helps save boat with ShoreScan. Town of Charlestown (MD) has a municipal marina and all the records are scanned and stored with ShoreScan. While stuck in traffic on 95, the Town Clerk received a call about a boat in distress at the marina. Giving the phone to her teenage daughter, she navigates the eBridge Android App, logs on and retrieves the slip holder agreement. She calls the boat owner, and they are able to resolve the problem before it was too late. The ability to get to critical documents in a pinch was the difference. What are you going to do in the next “pinch”? ﷯ShoreScan to link 28 volunteer fire and rescue stations. Washington County (MD) Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association is responsible for the funding of these entities. In doing so, they sift through mountains of paperwork to produce the required evidence to get money. After our solution is set up, local stations will upload these records making a dramatic reduction in time, effort and accountability when supporting our first responders. How many processes do you have that literally consume enormous amounts of effort? ﷯ShoreScan & IMR Digital process and archive over 200,000 pages of student records for Denville School District. Per New Jersey State Retention Schedules, student records must be kept 100 years, so the Denville School District selected ShoreScan as their archival platform and IMR Digital to handle the scanning. With the student records now digitally archived and the paper eliminated, the focus now turns to financial and other important records. ﷯Conservation District will use ShoreScan for land-use records. Protecting and conserving our lands from over use and building requires robust documentation and storage. ShoreScan has been selected to provide a searchable database for these records to streamline the process and to reduce the inefficiency of working in a paper format. ﷯City of North Wildwood. “Not only is ShoreScan helping us preserve our documents, but through the scanning process we continue to discover important and interesting tidbits about the history of our City. For example, during a recent Nor’easter, an old building on the water in a neighboring municipality collapsed into the inland waterway. There was much speculation about removing the obstruction from the waterway, and I was able, through searching our scanned minutes, to show how obstructions were removed in the old days: the City Clerk would be authorized to buy dynamite and blow them up! ShoreScan continues to be a great benefit for our City, not only as an additional backup for our documents, but also for preservation, OPRA requests and historical research.”—W. Scott Jett, RMC, CMR, City Clerk, City of 
North Wildwood, NJ
 ﷯The Borough of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, Partners with ShoreScan Solutions. In 2015, the Borough of Atlantic Highlands selected ShoreScan Solutions as its vendor to provide a hosted digital database solution for the retention of Borough records. The relationship started rather untraditionally when Eric Carlsen, from our New Jersey office, made an impromptu visit to Clerk Dwayne Harris. As many agree, “luck” is the intersection of good timing and opportunity. During their brief meeting about digital record retention, they realized there would be tremendous savings for Atlantic Highlands compared to software or using a scanning service. Currently, the Borough has two hosted database systems with ShoreScan: a database for administrative records and a second for property documents sorted by block, lot and street name, etc. In the near future, a third system is planned for the marina to protect all records related to boats, insurances, EPA and maintenance.

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