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“If you fail . . . we fail.” ShoreScan is committed to YOUR success because our business depends on it.

For this reason, we offer a complete suite of support services to best ensure our mutual success. For new clients, we provide two training sessions and a manual designed for the user and administrator to be self-sufficient. When a client reaches complete independence and control of the service, we then offer additional help as listed below.



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TECHNICAL SUPPORT— From time to time there will be an update to an operating system, new anti-virus or machines that may require a scanner reconnect. Depending on the concern, we have a fantastic technical support team with the ability to “screen in” to your computer to help resolve the issue. In some cases, a representative from ShoreScan may need to visit.
No cost for remote technical support; fee for on-site visit.

TRAINING— New hire, part-timer, change in job description or intern — ShoreScan Solutions provides training at all levels.
Fee will be quoted.

ON-SITE SUPPORT— Upon request, we can provide additional on-site training, system analysis and “tune-ups” of your digital document archiving process.
Fee will be quoted.

ONLINE SUPPORT— Either by phone, email or webinar, we can answer virtually any question promptly. Our webinar service can be used by attending a scheduled topic session (e.g., how to “speed scan”) or by request to do an individual or small group session.
No cost.

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SCANNING SUPPORT— Everyone from time to time is overwhelmed and cannot keep up with the scanning routine. During this busy time, call on ShoreScan.

  • On-site daily scanning services: Our trained staff will bring a wi-fi ready computer and high-speed scanner to help get your office caught up. All we need is a comfortable work space, power and connection to the Internet. This service is used on an as needed basis.
    Fees apply.
  • Contract Scanning: When there is a really big job or significant number of boxes, ShoreScan works directly with a regional
    scanning service. Combined with our expertise, we help in making sure the process is complete, affordable and results in a fully searchable database.
    For this type of service, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

SCANNER SUPPORT — ShoreScan is an authorized reseller of Canon USA. Every scanner we sell is delivered, installed and configured to our service. ShoreScan supports the standard manufacture warranty and service packs of scanners we sell with one addition: if your scanner is completely
out of service, we will advance a loaner scanner (similar to the one shown) while we figure out
the next step(s).

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